Your Legal Career Starts Here

A bachelor’s degree in business law or pre-law studies is recommended in order to enroll in law school. During undergraduate studies, a person will need to display excellence in order to be accepted into a quality law school. Enrolling in courses that will help you enter law school and eventually become a chief legal officer is recommended. These courses include cyber law, international law, argumentation theory, public speaking, communication courses, communication law, symbolic logic, and an introductory course to legal practice. Apply for internships during your undergraduate coursework in order to get experience in the field.


Many companies will require that a person works in lower-level positions for a number of years before becoming a chief legal officer.


The position requires certain personality traits including leadership skills and organization.

Law Students /
Summer Interns

As a chief legal officer, a person is responsible for all legal issues involving the company.

Paralegals / Staff


A person seeking this position with a company needs to expect years of hard work before being promoted.