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Invest to meet these criteria.

  • An extremely capable management team.

  • A scalable business model.

  • An addressable market.

  • Limited capital expenditure requirements.

  • Opportunities that can be accelerated with support from our network.


Almost all of the startup companies in which we invest meet these criteria:

  • Product is in beta (versus alpha) stage of development and has been created with input from clients or potential clients,

  • Company has some "proof of concept" (with revenue, except for life science tech companies)

  • A clear, plausible exit strategy within 5-7 years or 24-Months with the Deal Program.

  • Typical valuation at first funding below $5 million (before new capital is raised).

  • Domiciled in the USA or in a country that has a great relationship with the USA. (we love emerging markets)

  • Sustainable, Predictable, Consistent.

For startups, ideally, we are looking for; 

  1. A launched product with at least 12 months of data.

  2. A well-rounded technology and business team.

  3. half of your round committed ( for example. "if you are raising $1M you have $500k+ in commitments already)

  4. 6-months of growing. (at least 10%+ month-over-month)

  5. 18 months+ runway;
    you have a clearly defined plan
    to deploy the capital from this round over at least 18 months. i.e. if your burn rate is $50,000 a month, you are raising at least $900,000 in this round, giving you 18 months of "runway."

  6. Approx $50k/Month in MRR.

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