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Yes, it is still early, and there’s more to come. A lot of it is going to come from attracting talent from outside Miami, and, honestly, it doesn’t seem to be a hard task. Miami is a great launching pad if you are interested in selling to LATAM or tapping into the U.S....

The opportunity has not only become obvious for entrepreneurs, but is also increasingly notorious for big companies that still make Miami their LatAm headquarters. Several companies are landing every week as Miami regains the title as a regional hub, and also as one of...

As made famous by Steve Jobs, the dots can usually be connected looking backwards, and Miami is no exception. The last few years have kept the local ecosystem busy with the starting of many initiatives.

Angel investors got organized and created groups educating an...

As the city consolidates its place as one of the hottest entrepreneurial spots in the country,Miami has become a strategic market for one of the most valuable startups in the world, Magic Leap, and others, such as CareCloud, Open English and more. Altogether, these Mia...

The first thing you must recognize to be able to sell your business for millions is to know where you are right now. That takes accepting the good and the bad of how things really are.

Things are probably going pretty well for you right now. Your business is doing a cou...

Both incubators and accelerators are important resources to ensure the growth of firms, be it from early startup or in becoming established organizations. And as we all know, the growth of firms is the lifeblood of any economy.

Business incubators mentor companies throu...

Estonia, the small Baltic country of just 1.3 million people situated halfway between Sweden and Russia, was named “the most advanced digital society in the world” by Wired magazine. According to recent figures, Estonian residents complete their taxes online in under f...

Spending too much time managing calendars, booking travel, and doing research?

a team of highly trained, dedicated, U.S. based virtual assistants who help entrepreneurs, professionals, and small teams streamline success - not just in work, but in life too.

A virtual Ass...

Miami With the highest startup density in the country at 247.6 startups per 100,000 people according to the Kauffman Index. Its privileged proximity to both New York and Silicon Valley will allow this emerging ecosystem to consolidate its position as an entrepreneurial...

For busy startup teams, the name of the game-today more than ever-is productivity.

“When you're building a vision, a team and a product all at once, time is your ultimate currency. Every day presents both the opportunity to break ground and the risk of losing ground....

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