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Passionate Experts, Dedicated to Your Success

We love good problems that are amenable to technological solutions.  
We seek out business model innovations, unique partnerships, and top-notch teams.

Who is this for ?


Established Business.

Business in Expansion.

Angel Investors & Venture Capital.

Coworking Shared spaces.

Business Incubators.



Business Incubation/Acceleration.
Marketing Strategy & Planning.
Document Incorporation.

Private or Virtual Offices.

Dedicated Virtual  Assistants.
Business Communications UccS Cloud PBX 

Financial Services or Seed Capital
Business Coaching and training for entrepreneurs

In 2019 alone,  our network services assisted more than 27,000 companies that provided employment for more than 100,000 workers and generated annual revenues of $17 billion.

Opportunities to Expand your Business

 in 50+ Countries Worldwide (and Growing)

Join our  Bizion Ecosystem

Pitch Your Business

Our top priority is creating value for the marketplace, if your idea serves your user, we'd love to hear about it.

Business Acceleration

Our acceleration program is designed to take a viable business and grow a solid base. 

Seed Capital

BiZiON Group Invest in highly efficient companies that need critical early capital in order to produce a service or product and generate quick revenue.

Global Brand & Reach

Our top priority is creating value for the global marketplace, strategize, organize, globalize.

Exit Strategy

We help you to have a nice Big Payday, we are seeking to build a diversified portfolio of companies each capable of achieving a meaningful exit.


USA, Latinamerica & Europe


900 Biscayne Blvd Ste 501

Miami, FL 33132

Ph +1(786) 529-2784


New York

5111 8th Ave Suite 236,
New York, NY 100118

Tel: +1 (551) 236-3342


San Francisco

1 Lagoon Dr,
Redwood City, CA 94065

Tel: +1(415) 702-0089



11 Devonshire Square
London EC2M 4YR UK

Tel: +1(415) 702-0089


Edificio World Business Port
Cr 69 # 25b - 44, Piso 8

Tel: +57(1)438-7002


Buenos Aires

Av. Del Libertador No. 498 Piso 26, Torre Prourban

Tel: +1(415) 702-0089


São Paulo

Alameda Araguaia, 3641 - Tamboré, Barueri, 06455-000

Tel: +1(415) 702-0089



Oceania Business Plaza, Torre 1000, Oficina 35 A Pta. Pacífica

Tel: +1(415) 702-0089

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